The Keto Minute 

Part 1 - Our Immune Systems

 ...featuring Dr. Korman and the Keto Cowboy              


This is Part 1 in our 6-Part Mini-Series this week on “Our Immune System”


   This week, Dr. Korman and The Keto Cowboy are discussing our immune system in a 6-part mini-series, prompted by the fact that we are now in the time of year when colds and flu are running rampant.  Schools are closing, hospitals are filling, and people seem to be sick everywhere you go!  

    In this Part 1 of our mini-series,  Dr. Korman discusses building up our immune system because, “Prevention always trumps intervention," as Dr. Korman always says. "We don't want to wait and hope and cross our fingers that we don't get the flu; we want to be proactive and build our immune systems, so we don't have to get the flu!"  

     A flu shot isn’t always necessary in order to fight off the flu. Neither Dr. Korman nor the Keto Cowboy get flu shots, and neither has had more than a bout or two with the flu over the course of their lives.  That being said, Dr. Korman is NOT recommending that others either get, or not get a flu shot, as it is a very personal choice.  What Dr Korman does recommend is that you give the matter some thought, and do your research on the pro's and con's of  the flu shot, and don't just act without education.  This is one of those times when Dr. Korman recommends taking some time to educate yourself, and then make the best, and thoughtful decision for you and your health.  Take personal responsibility.  

     To help you research this topic, we are sharing an article from the very respected Dr. Mercola, who is an excellent source of knowledge on many, many topics.  We feature him on our facebook page often, as he is highly regarded.  To get you started on some flu shot education, we refer you to Click Here for Dr. Mercola’s article on flu vaccine effectiveness.                   

     Dr. Korman and the Keto Cowboy will continue to discuss, in this "Keto Minute" series, building our immune system and making it stronger.  In Part 2 they address “How to care for our gut" and "get the offenders out."  Part 3 will address how to fight the invaders and take steps to "Heal the Gut."  The Dr. K. and Keto Cowboy will address the benefit of "Fermented Vegetables and Kombucha" to help with gut health in Part 4.  "Supplementation" is an important factor and will be discussed in Part 5.  Dr. Korman will discuss important holistic supplementation and how you can access what you need, often from nature itself!

     We end our 6-part series with "Holistic Intervention".  When prevention falls short, intervention takes over to restore our health and wellness.  Dr. Korman and the Keto Cowboy will discuss holistic, natural, non-invasive interventions you can utilize to restore good health.  Stay tuned!